What Dr. Dennis Says ?
Treatment time mainly depends on: The ‘age’ of the patient, the bone condition, The severity of the original malocclusion,Type of treatment carried out, Cooperation of the patient

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What is Orthodontics ? What are Braces ?
ORTHODONTICS is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, intervention & treatment of dental & facial irregularities. Technical term for crooked, crowded or protruding teeth is called ‘MALOCCLUSION’ (ranging from mild to severe).The word literally means ‘bad bite’.
The treatment involves use of corrective appliances called (braces) to help bring teeth, lips & jaws into proper alignment to achieve facial balance. ORTHODONTICS also helps to control mouth related habits like prolonged thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, bruxism...
What braces can do ?
Braces help you to look and feel better about yourself Braces improve your smile, and facial con tours Braces straighten crooked or protruding teeth Braces correct & align crowded or gapped teeth Braces help correct a variety of irregularities of the jaws & face / correct improper growth of upper & lower jaws.Treatment with braces reduces the risk of tooth decay, excessive wear & tear on your teeth, gum disease & TMJ problems. Perfectly arranged teeth function best & last longer in the mouth. They help chew food better & help in the digestive process...
We have solutions for everybody !
Treatment can begin at any age. Children from the age of seven right up to adults even past the age of fifty (provided the bone condition allows it) can begin treatment.
However, it may be best to begin treatment for children before the arrival of all the permanent teeth, as in some cases it may avoid extractions of the permanent teeth. Many other problems are easier to correct if detected at this time, rather than waiting until all permanent teeth have erupted, and jaw growth has slowed. Early diagnosis & timely preventive or interceptive treatment can also guide erupting teeth into a more favourable