What our client says ?
“I had crooked teeth before my treatment. My lower front teeth were touching my upper gums from the inner side and it was a terrible experience for me. My parents were worried whether it would remain a lifelong problem...

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How long will the treatment last?
Traditionally anywhere between one and a half years to two and a half years, this too is being reduced with the advent of self locking braces, and reduced friction mechanics, to only one and a half years or so. Treatment time mainly depends on: The ‘age’ of the patient, the bone condition, The severity of the original malocclusion, Type of treatment carried out, Cooperation of the patient with the Doctor, by way of not missing the appointments, strictly following the treatment plan, avoiding hard & sticky foods which is the main reason for maximum number of breakages , that delays the treatment time further, The growth process of the teeth and jaws themselves. The degree of movement possible.
We have solutions for everybody !
Treatment can begin at any age. Children from the age of seven right up to adults even past the age of fifty (provided the bone condition allows it) can begin treatment.
However, it may be best to begin treatment for children before the arrival of all the permanent teeth, as in some cases it may avoid extractions of the permanent teeth. Many other problems are easier to correct if detected at this time, rather than waiting until all permanent teeth have erupted, and jaw growth has slowed. Early diagnosis & timely preventive or interceptive treatment can also guide erupting teeth into a more favourable