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Once braces are placed, the eating habits will have to change. But after giving the braces some time to set, the patient can eat most foods. However foods to be avoided in the hard & sticky

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What is the procedure involved in the initial stage ?
The Dr. will first examine the patient to get a general idea of their condition.He will then ask for an OPG X-ray, to determine whether the bone condition, and if the patient is a child, the stage of development of the teeth, is conducive for orthodontic treatment.If it is too early to commence treatment, arrangements are made to review the patient periodically until it is an appropriate time to begin. A Lateral Cephalogram X-ray is also needed,to help localize the cause of the mal-aligned teeth and bones.

At the next appointment the Dr. will take the medical and Dental History, and do a thorough clinical examination. He will will take an impression of your teeth. Then by pouring plaster into your impression, a mold or model is made.

On studying these records( X-rays, models History and clinical examination) an individualized treatment plan, and possible alternatives, keeping the characteristics of each patient in mind. The treatment plan includes, not ONLY TEETH, but will also take into account the individual’s face , nose, chin, profile, smile, tooth size, gum contour, as we pride ourselves in treating the “Patient’ as a whole rather than just teeth, As can be seen with photographs here

The total treatment time, the cost, the rationale of treatment and the pros and cons of different alternatives will be clearly explained and discussed. Questions will be answered to all aspects of treatment at this time.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth to gain sufficient space to align the remaining teeth. Any decayed teeth should be filled & the teeth may sometimes need to be cleaned before treatment is started.

The patient is referred back to the family dentist to have these preliminary procedures carried out, the cost of which is not included in the orthodontic fee. During treatment patients may need to wear such items as special rubber bands & / or head gear with their braces. These items provide important extra forces for the correction of the bite.

At the completion of the active part of orthodontic treatment the braces are removed & retaining appliances (retainers) are fitted to hold the teeth steady in their new position. These appliances may be removable plates or wires fitted behind the teeth. Retainers were usually worn fulltime for a minimum of one year or just at night for one year. The actual time depending on each individual case. The current trend is to keep them for a longer period of time so as to maintain, permanently, what has been achieved.