What Dr. Dennis Says ?
Treatment time mainly depends on: The ‘age’ of the patient, the bone condition, The severity of the original malocclusion,Type of treatment carried out, Cooperation of the patient

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How do braces work ?
In a nutshell, with the application of wires and elastics to the brace, areas of light compression or pressure is created on one side of the teeth, and light stretching on the other. This causes bone to be remodeled and allows the tooth to move in the direction of the light pressure.
It has been found that teeth move faster with light forces, and hence here at Brace Kraft Orthodontics, smaller size wires are used, initially,( which keeps this pressure to a minimum, as well as hastens treatment, keeping discomfort to a minimum) gradually increasing to full size wires.
What our client say ?
“I had crooked teeth before my treatment. My lower front teeth were touching my upper gums from the inner side and it was a terrible experience for me. My parents were worried whether it would remain a lifelong problem. On the dentist’s suggestion we decided to see Dr. Dennis Pereira so that I could get treated with braces. I was very worried about my friends poking fun at me with my braces on & so I refused to go for treatment. However my parents managed to convince me. My treatment began in January 2008...