What braces can do ?
Braces help you to look and feel better about yourself Braces improve your smile, and facial contours Braces straighten crooked or protruding teeth Braces correct & align crowded...

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What is right age to begin treatment ?
Treatment can begin at any age. Children from the age of seven right up to adults even past the age of fifty (provided the bone condition allows it) can begin treatment. However, it may be best to begin treatment for children before the arrival of all the permanent teeth, as in some cases it may avoid extractions of the permanent teeth...
How long will the treatment last ?
Traditionally anywhere between one and a half years to two and a half years, this too is being reduced with the advent of self locking braces, and reduced friction mechanics, to only one and a half years or so. Treatment time mainly depends on: The ‘age’ of the patient, the bone condition, The severity of the original malocclusion, Type of treatment...
What about the cost factor ?
Depends on the kind of braces you opt for & the complexity of your case, which is arrived at by studying all your records (X-rays, moulds,History,Clinical Examination)

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What kind of braces are available ?
A great variety of braces are now available to suit your taste like: Traditional braces, (metal braces) Gold coated braces, Tooth coloured braces and Clear braces (ceramic braces, plastic braces, NOW with metal slots to reduce treatment time) ...
How do braces work ?
In a nutshell, with the application of wires and elastics to the brace, areas of light compression or pressure is created on one side of the teeth, and light stretching on the other. This causes bone to be remodeled and allows the tooth to move in the direction of the light pressure...
What Braces can do ?
Braces help you to look and feel better about yourself.
Braces improve your smile, and facial contours.
Braces straighten crooked or protruding teeth.
Braces correct & align crowded or gapped teeth.
Braces help correct a variety of irregularities of the jaws & face...

What is the Procedure involved in the initial stage ?
The Dr. will first examine the patient to get a general idea of their condition.He will then ask for an OPG X-ray, to determine whether the bone condition, and if the patient is a child, the stage of development of the teeth, is conducive for orthodontic treatment.If it is too early to commence treatment, arrangements are made...
What Changes will occur in my food habits once treatment begins ?
Once braces are placed, the eating habits will have to change. Initially the teeth may be a bit tender or sore for a day or two, depending upon the patient's pain threshold. This tenderness or discomfort is reduced by prescribing by Combiflam, and by using much thinner flexible arch...