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To maintain a cutting edge, BRACE KRAFT ORTODONTICS today actively pursues new knowledge and technology in order to serve you better. Removable plates and superior quality stainless steel , tooth coloured or transparent braces are applied on crooked...

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Dr. Dennis Pereira, M.D.S (MUM)
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What about the cost factor?
Depends on the kind of braces you opt for & the complexity of your case, which is arrived at by studying all your records (X-rays, moulds,History,Clinical Examination)

(Here at ‘Brace Kraft’ we offer you payment in easy installments)
What braces can do ?
Braces help you to look and feel better about yourself Braces improve your smile, and facial con tours Braces straighten crooked or protruding teeth Braces correct & align crowded or gapped teeth Braces help correct a variety of irregularities of the jaws & face / correct improper growth of upper & lower jaws.Treatment with braces reduces the risk of tooth decay, excessive wear & tear on your teeth, gum disease & TMJ problems. Perfectly arranged teeth function best & last longer in the mouth. They help chew food better & help in the digestive process...