When to begin ?
Treatment can begin at any age. Children from the age of seven right up to adults even past the age of fifty (provided the bone condition allows it) can begin treatment. However, it may be best to begin treatment for children before the arrival of all the permanent teeth...

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What kind of braces are available ?
A great variety of braces are now available to suit your taste like: Traditional braces, (metal braces) Gold coated braces, Tooth coloured braces and Clear braces (ceramic braces, plastic braces, NOW with metal slots to reduce treatment time)

For adults who want to minimize visibility of their braces. Invisible braces (lingual or inside braces placed on the back of the teeth (which might tend to prolong the treatment marginally & come at an additional cost). Lingual braces are however the ultimate in brace concealing technology & are usually made of metal.

Invisalign: A system of using a series of transparent removable trays or " retainers"

Dr. Dennis Pereira will help you decide the type of braces that is best suited to your treatment plan, is cost effective, & requires the shortest time to complete treatment with the best results.

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