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Dr. Dennis Pereira has been in the orthodontic field for twenty five long years. Having passed the B.D.S in 1980 ( standing first in the University of Mumbai) & M.D.S in 1983 from Nair Hospital...

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Bracekraft Orthodontics
Dr. Dennis Pereira, M.D.S (MUM)
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What braces can do ?
Braces help you to look and feel better about yourself.
Braces improve your smile, and facial contours.
Braces straighten crooked or protruding teeth.
Braces correct & align crowded or gapped teeth.
Braces help correct a variety of irregularities of the jaws & face / correct
improper growth of upper & lower jaws.

Treatment with braces reduces the risk of tooth decay, excessive wear & tear on your teeth, gum disease & TMJ problems. Perfectly arranged teeth function best & last longer in the mouth. They help chew food better & help in the digestive process & therefore are important for good health.

Surveys have indicated that people who have had braces look better and feel better about themselves. They live longer and have a statistically lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

View pictures below for an example of how much orthodontic treatment with braces can improve the teeth, the face, the smile & the profile

A more beautiful face Oblique View
A more Pleasing Frontal view
Establishing harmonic Lip drape and nose lip angle
A more curvaceous chin area
A more graceful display of gums
An enhanced smile
"I Love it / I Want it" arrangement of teeth
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