When to begin ?
Treatment can begin at any age. Children from the age of seven right up to adults even past the age of fifty (provided the bone condition allows it) can begin treatment.
However, it may be best to begin treatment for children before the arrival of all the permanent teeth

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Bracekraft Orthodontics
Dr. Dennis Pereira, M.D.S (MUM)
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About Dr Dennis Pereira
Dr. Dennis Pereira has been in the orthodontic field for twenty five long years. Having passed the B.D.S in 1980 ( standing first in the University of Mumbai) & M.D.S in 1983 from Nair Hospital & Dental College, Mumbai, he began practice with an established & highly sought after Orthodontist in Mumbai. After working with him for seventeen years, he started his own practice which is today called “BRACE KRAFT ORTHODONTICS

Dr. Dennis Pereira has also been actively involved in Family based programmes, having conducted several successful sessions for married couples, teenagers & young adults. Happily married for the past eighteen years, he has been instrumental in enriching many with his knowledge & expertise in Counselling. His strong sense of commitment to his family that includes two teenaged children, spills over into his sense of commitment to his patients as well.

Profession wise, his great love for Orthodontics & desire to keep up with the latest trends has motivated him to attend various Orthodontic courses provided over the years. ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT’ attitude with regard to pursuing excellence in the field of Orthodontics is a remarkable characteristic one finds in Dr. Dennis Pereira. Modest by nature, one has to work with him closely to experience the fine sense of human touch & dedication he shows in treating each patient. His excellent sense of humour & pleasant chairside manner in relating with his young patients, puts them at ease immediately & they no longer dread their regular monthly visits.